1. FakeBedLinen

    15 year old tank seals

    Hi everyone, I have an 80 litre clear seal tank that's been sat in my work shop for must be 15 years now. It was the first tank I ever bought and ran it for probably 3 years but since then it's just been sat empty on a shelf it all temperatures. I was thinking of starting it up as a purely...
  2. maboleth

    Small bubble in silicone - case of concern or no?

    During my routine tank inspection, I've noticed a very small vacuum bubble in the silicone layer. It's 0.8 mm width and about 1.1mm length. Glass is 10mm and silicone thickness is 13mm. Extreme closeup macro images: Should this cause any concern in the future? Tank is doing fine, entering...
  3. Ian Holdich

    A New Adventure (a jungle mess)

    After seeing the quality of Georges TMC signiture, i thought i would treat myself. I sold the old 80cm of earlier in the week, and took delivery of this one this morning. I had planned this one out for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to go for a good old timeless nature aquarium. I am really...