1. maboleth

    Sulawesi snail most active at night?

    Anyone noticed this? This snail should be active during the day (or both day and night), but mine loves to go out at night and gets out of sight during the day. Which is a shame, because s/he is beautiful. Also, is there any evidence if this snail eats algae (besides diatoms/soft film), if so -...
  2. jaypeecee

    Snail ID?

    Hi Folks, Can anyone help me identify the attached snail photo? My first thought was some form of Ramshorn - for obvious reasons. But, Ramshorns seem to carry their shell vertically - upright. This snail that I have inherited (one of many) is a horizontal creature (including shell). I don't...
  3. bettaguy

    These snail eyes make me laugh

    They look so strange I love it
  4. Hanuman

    Outdoor ceramic pond - Picture heavy

    So this weekend I decided to clean up my outdoor ceramic tank in order to remove all the Clea Helena snails that have eradicated my snail population. I though it was a good idea to have those snails. I was wrong. I also decided to remove some of the plants and add a few new ones. Also added a...
  5. Jop371

    My First Planted Tank- Dennerle 20L Nanocube

    Equipment Aquarium- Dennerle 20L Nanocube Light- Dennerle 24W scaper's Light + Dennerle 5.0 LED Heating- Dennere Nano Heater Filter- Dennerle Nano Corner Filter Co2- Tropica Nano system Substrate- Dennerle Scaper's soil Plants All plants are tissue culture plants. Rotala Macrandra Tropica...
  6. Glenda Steel

    Help new tank - nematodes?

    I've just noticed tiny clear white thread "worms" in our newly planted tank and having done a Google search the closest photo's seem to suggest they are nematodes. Is this usual and should we treat them to get rid of them? At the moment the tank is cycling fishlessly but I have noticed a tiny...
  7. Robbie X

    Rabbit snails

    Hi all, does anyone keep or breed this incredible looking snails? I really like the brown with orange/yellow spotted or striped ones. Would love to give them a go ;)