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  1. M

    Alum in planted tank (not dipping)

    Hi, I have a newly set up no filter nano tank. The plants I used have hitchhikers populating my nano tank. I am now seeing snails and eggs on my dwarf hair grass. Lots of them!!! A snail population boom! I plan to put in Caridina shrimps but I hold that off due to snails infestation. Has anyone...
  2. Gaina

    What next?

    Afternoon all! 😊 I'm now starting to plan when to add shrimp to my tank (Fluval Roma 125 with Fluval U3 filter). I recently bought fresh test kits and my parameters are as follows: GH - 11 KH - 3 (started turning at 2) Ph - 7.5 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 20+ Temperature - 24.9c TDS -...
  3. neofy705

    First high tech - Following Tropica app regarding snails and shrimp?

    Hello all, (Skip to the end for the question) I've gone and set up my first high tech tank. It was quite overwhelming researching and purchasing everything but here's my set up: Tank: Fluval roma 200 Light: Chihiros wrgb2 slim Filter: Fluval 307 (full of seachem matrix as per Green Aqua)...
  4. Carbondioxide


    Ohh, the plague! 🐌🐌🐌 😲 Snail plague in the aquarium? There is nothing worse than seeing your aquarium being taken over and even destroyed some plants by snails multiplying like mad! (worse than rabbits 🐇 🙈) Don't say we didn't warn you 😃 Our article this week is all about these little creatures...
  5. S

    Assassin snails

    This may be a really stupid question… but will assassin snails kill/eat nerite snails? Or is it more to do with MTS etc?
  6. S


    Are MTS classed as a pest snail? If they are what is the best way to remove them? I have had an influx of baby MTS in my tank
  7. S

    Not fish but snails

    Hi all, I’ve not added any new fish or plants for 6 months to a year and the past two days I’ve noticed towards night time I have 100s of baby snails appear. I’m assuming these are nerites snails as I have 4 and they are constantly attaching them selves to one specific snail. So my question is...
  8. J

    Male Nerite Snails

    Hey all, Really sorry if this is stupid question, but does anyone know of a place in the UK that sells separated male and female Nerite snails? I know it’s difficult to separate them but I’d really like to get hold of a male Nerite snail. I’d like to avoid having a female as I don’t want loads...
  9. FJK_12

    Reusing filter media + plants from snail infested tank

    I had to leave my tank in the hands of someone else during lockdown and upon my return have noticed a big snail population. Can anyone I.D these snails? I'm looking to restart this aquarium and would like to reuse the filter media to kick start the cycling process, does anyone know if reusing...
  10. M

    Nerite Snails at top of tank/ keep dying

    Hi - I’m wondering if anyone can offer some suggestions about what to do with my Nerite Snails. About three weeks ago I bought 10 freshwater nerite snails which I put in three different tanks. Since then I’ve had four of them die. One crawled out of the tank and was found on the floor the...
  11. Hanuman

    Deal with snail population explosion (or fish selection)

    Hi everyone, I have this nano tank (36x36x36cm). It's heavily planted. I bought the tank with the scape from someone as is. It had a betta, shrimps (10 or more), blue neons tetras (~6/8), nerites snails (~6/8) and otocinclus (~4/5) I think. Soon after I purchased the tank the betta died and I...
  12. Bumblefish

    Severe Ich Infestation In Planted Tank With Clear Silicone Joints And Inverts

    Hi guys. New to forums etc. Live a bit off the grid! Tank started 4 months ago. Cardinals, rummynose, saes, ottos, amanos, rcs and some ramshorn snails. All was going well. Plants had settled in nicely and then I saw a golden nugget plec (my favourite) for the first time in 15 years at a lfs in...
  13. maboleth

    On the fence about MTS

    I acquired four of these snails, they are all white trumpet variants with spots. They look totally cool, one of the coolest looking snails for me, very "exotic" to say at least, could also look great with my gravel. They are not black or yellow, so that's also a plus for me. HOWEVER, I'm...
  14. A Bull With Yogurts

    Malaysian Trumpet Snail In An 'El Natural' Tank

    Hi, I'm totally new to all this and having a stab at setting up an El Natural tank (350L). I'm currently in the preparation stages of my soil and driftwood. I am planning to have an inch of soil capped by an inch of sand. I want to put Malaysian Trumpet Snails in the tank to stir the sand and...
  15. Zak Rafik

    What's eating my Cabomba Caroliniana plants? :-|

    Hi everyone, For the past 1 week or so, I have notice that my Cabomba Caroliniana which has been doing great since day one, has started break off into pieces and float to the top. It's not the whole plant but about 3 to 5 cm of the plant from it’s top. At first I didn't pay much attention to...
  16. M

    Simple snail question

    I've got an unidentified pest snail species and ramshorn in a tank that I'm raising for my future puffer fish. I've been putting cucumber in but (surprise surprise) it floats. I'm a little confused as to how often I should feed them and what? I put some algae discs in from a pet store and they...