soil substrate

  1. CMac

    Biomass - 1 Year!

    Hi everyone, this is just a big info dump at the moment but I'm hoping to keep it up as more of a journal from now on. I started this tank back in August 16, my third attempt (the previous two will not be besmirching the good image of UKAPS). What I took from those attempts was, when it comes to...
  2. Radiant

    My new 200l AquaOak

    Hi all, I thought I'd start a journal of my new 200l AquaOak tank. I've had my eye on an AquaOak tank for years as they match my living room furniture :) When I moved house I decided it was finally time to get one. I essentially went "Ooo pretty" and though it would make moving my existing...
  3. chris_cotton23

    help with soil substrate please!

    hello everyone!that is my second thread in the forum i am new in the forum as in planted aquarium world! i am going to set up a 5 feet tank i was thinking about the substrate!i wanted to buy jbl aquabasis plus or something similar with that and cap it with jbl manado but t will cost me over £100...
  4. Crossocheilus

    TMC Nutrasoil or Colombo Florabase

    So which is better, I want a black soil substrate, preferably with as small a grain size as possible (colombo has huge grains) opinions on both please, what do you guys think?I want know nutrient levels, grain size, ammonia, how long it lasts/does it turn to mush, very dusty? Very light? Etc...
  5. Tim Harrison

    Cryptic Haven Low-energy Update Pics

    Finally got round to stripping down my existing low-energy scape and starting a new one...Scape-Horn; so called 'cause of the pointy rocks...did you see what I did there?:D I'm using my usual mix of 1:1 moss peat and aquatic compost. Its 60mm at its deepest and the sand cap is a similar depth at...