1. P

    Which soil?

    Hi! I'm planning to rebuild my Aquarium Scape. What do you think, which is the best soil from theese? ADA Amazonia Tropica Aquarium Soil Dennerle Scaper's Soil GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Dennerle Shrimp King Active Soil Please justify your choice. Thank you very much
  2. DutchMuch

    Emersed Culture, [The Beginner Basics].

    So I decided to do a how-to on Emersed Culture(s) for newbies to the whole "Emersed World!" of aquatic plants. Background: I have been planting and "Harvesting" Emersed aquarium (or aquatic) plants, for around 3 years now. In that time I have learned a lot in such little time, that is due to...
  3. C

    Aqua gro shrimp and plant soil, experience?

    Hi, I've brought aqua gro shrimp and plant soil, does anyone have any experience with this brand of soil and have any tips when setting up my aqua scape? Thank you.
  4. 1

    First Planted Tank, Tannins in Soil?

    Hi guys I am currently setting up my first dirted tank. I have had tropical fish for a few years, then for the last 6 years I have only had a marine aquarium. The size of the tanks have grown steadily and the tank I am setting up now is 6 x 2 x 2.5. It has a 5 foot sump where I have added 30kg...
  5. MrHammonds

    Questions regarding soft water areas and 'Walstad Method'.

    Morning all, my first post on this forum as I'm struggling to get a clear answer whilst doing my 'google' research! I've been running a couple of planted, 'low/ medium' tanks so far, a 46l and a 125l tropical. They have both seen good planting results with a seachem fluorite base on one and a...
  6. Shinobi

    ADA 60p "Reach Out"

    Hey guys! been lurking for a while now, thought it'd be my turn to take on an high-tech aquascape and would appreciate your comments and inputs as it goes along. Please excuse my bad English /: what we have so far: ADA 60p. JBL 901 Cristalprofi filter. inline Hydor 200w heater. Chihiros A-series...
  7. AndyVox

    Emersed start - 80 x 40 x 40 high tech

    Hey, I used to frequent here alot a few years ago before getting pulled into marine for a few years. Due to huge building work at home I closed down my marine tank and have been thankless for the last 6 or so months, then I got the itch to go planted again... So here we are! A few of my...
  8. golino

    my mix substrate

    hi again m thinking to use peat moss + dirt + clay + chines tank planted soil for my 25 gallons tank i calculate it i need like 12 liter of substrate = 12 kilo of soil to be like that 2 kilo peat moss 2 kilo clay + 7 kilo dirt + 1 kilo chines planted soil ... do u think its good idea or bad or u...
  9. id_darren

    Setting up soil walstad method

    In the substrate chapter she explains the easiest way to set up a new tank. " I layer the tank bottom with dry soil to a depth of 1 - 1.5 inch , next I cover the soil with about 1 inch of gravel so that the substrate is about 2.5 inch deep ( I don`t bother to wash the gravel beforehand) I add...
  10. Tim Harrison

    Cryptic Haven Low-energy Update Pics

    Finally got round to stripping down my existing low-energy scape and starting a new one...Scape-Horn; so called 'cause of the pointy rocks...did you see what I did there?:D I'm using my usual mix of 1:1 moss peat and aquatic compost. Its 60mm at its deepest and the sand cap is a similar depth at...
  11. Jake Senior

    Help!!!!...The more I read the more I become confused.

    Please help!!!!!....I have 10 fantastic boesemani rainbow fish and I want to create a lush planted 300 litre tank for them (I wasn't planning on using CO2). Ideally ph neutral-7.5. I currently use Bristol tap water, not as hard a London water but is alkaline (TDS ranges 200/260). I was...
  12. Jake Senior

    New to 'dirt' tank... looking for some soil advise

    I'm planning to dirt my new 300 litre tank and have done a lot of reading... mostly US sites. The most popular and preferred choice of 'soil' seems to be Miracle Gro Organic potting mix. However it seems here in the UK it's John Innes No 3... The MG Organic mix doesn't seem to be available in...