south american

  1. Benauld

    South American Mosses

    Hi guys & gals, I'm looking at going for a general South American (SA) theme and wanted some moss. Having checked out some other forums, and seeing everyone lamenting the paucity of SA species available, I thought I'd share my research thus far. CAVEAT: I do not know how many of the bryophyte...
  2. AKD594

    Show us your.......... South American Cichlids/their homes

    I do love South American Cichlids Anyone fancy showing us a few snaps? (apologies if this has been posted before)
  3. Aqua Hero

    if aqa soil can do it then can peat granules/peat balls and black extract do the same?

    hi i purchased aqa soil a while ago to re cycle my tank. it lowered my ph all the way down from 7.6 to 6.2. my water hardness is 258 gh according to thames water. since my aqa soil was able to lower the ph and soften the water and keep it down for 3 months can i the combination of peat and...
  4. A

    South American Flowering Plants?

    Hi, I have a 240l SA biotope which has an array of Amazon Sword species. I am ordering some Vallisneria and Hemianthus Callitrichoides but I have been searching for flowering SA plants. Are there any good suggestions? Regards, Alfie
  5. flatfish55

    My first attempt at planted tank. 120x45x45

    Hello everyone. Like a few other people on here this is not my first experience with aquariums but,it is my first attempt at a planted one so here goes. The tank is a braced one made by clearseal and my plan is to be very loosely based on a South American theme ie most of the fish...