1. jaypeecee

    Lighting and Cyanobacteria (BGA)

    Hi Everyone, Some of you may have seen a thread I started a few weeks ago: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/cyanobacteria-identification-at-last.60496/ In the process of reading many articles and scientific papers on the subject of Cyanobacteria (aka Cyano), I looked into Cyano's need for...
  2. jaypeecee

    i-Phos Budget Spectrometer

    Hi Folks, For those people who would like to know more about the spectrum of light being emitted from whatever aquarium lighting you own, the i-Phos Spectrometer is a great piece of kit. I've been using one of these for about a year and I wouldn't be without it. This is it...
  3. jaypeecee

    (Free) Lighting Tool

    Hi Folks, I'd like to suggest an easy way to get an idea of the RGB balance and colour temperature of aquarium lighting. It may even suggest the dominant wavelength of the light being emitted from your lighting. All that's needed is a white piece of paper and one of many phone apps that are...
  4. 2born4

    Ai prime HD freshwater settings?

    Looking for some reassurance on spectrum and lighting schedules for the Ai prime leds. Anyone else using one of these...? I can find loads of spectrum and schedules for the marine version but none for the freshwater other than the one preset on the Ai website which uses very little red... any...