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  1. naughtymoose

    Whistling pipes

    My two Fluval 306 filters each feed a Fluval spray bar. There is one joint in each of the pipes leading to each bar (in preparation for CO2 in-line diffusers, if it ever happens!) Ends of the spray bars had to be super-glued, as they kept shooting off. Each 306 is cranked down to approx...
  2. mede

    Drill extra holes into the bottom of my spray-bar (downwards)?

    I'm using the spray-bar vertically placed in my 60x30x35cm tank and the filter I'm using is a TetraTec EX600 (600l/h)...... (is it better to convert my measurement units to UK units??)... There is a good flow to the other side of the tank where the flow from the spray-bar clashes to the...