stag horn

  1. Crazy_Walrus

    Algae issue

    Hi guys, I'm trying to battle some algea in my tank, not sure if it's BBa or staghorn. I use 6 hours of lighting, daily ferts using recommended dosage, co2 (3 BPS) and it just keeps coming back
  2. scoobiemandan

    Stag Horn Algae....arggghhhh!

    I seem to be having a problem with unhealthy plants and stag horn algae in my aquarium which I can't seem to eradicate! First off; Tank specifications - Fluval Roma 240 Lighting - T8 40w x2 (Power Glo and Aqua Glow) Daily photoperiod - Currently 6 hours split 50/50 (3 hour gap) CO2 - Liquid...