staurogyn repens

  1. Silas Felipe

    Yellow Hemianthus cuba + spots on staurogyne

    Hi everybody My Hemianthus cuba is getting yellow. After seeing the symptoms on the internet, I realized that may be lacking in nitrogen. I started last week a treatment (Seachem nitrogen) and the leaves are still yellow. I realized also that my staurogynes are with black and transparent spots...
  2. Zebra Fish

    Zebra Fish Tank Log

    I have come over here on the advice of a member on Tropical Fish Forum who said all of his helpful knowledge was gained from here. So wanting to get better results from my plants I thought I’d join. I already have a tank log on Tropical Fish Forums (under the same name) showing a step by step...
  3. James Butterworth

    7 stone iwagumi

    Hello,my first post on here but I have been lurking and learning from here for over a couple of years. This is my journal... Aquarium Clearseal tank 100l Lighting 2 x 39w HO t5's 1 x 6500k osram and 1 x grolux overhead luminaire Filter and flow all pond solutions 1000ef and hydor...
  4. A

    Staurogyn Repens Care

    Hello i have been having trouble with staurogyn repens Ok. im on my third batch of Staurogyn repens in the past few months, i have made some adjustments and my current batch is going bad after 2 weeks. My tank is a 13 Gallon shallow with High light. Any advise would be appreciated. I just got a...