1. Sara_Notfors

    70L tank - stocking advice

    Hi all, I’ve been running my 70L tank for about 9 months now (first aquarium as an adult!) and have 9 black neon tetras, 2 rummy nosed tetras and two Otocinclus. It’s well planted and I have bog wood (light brown water), and running an aqua one cf1000. I’ve been having issues with the rummy...
  2. Deer

    Stocking suggestions for "open" 60l 45x45 cube?

    I was originally planning on moving my Chili Rasporas and smattering of otos and cherry shrimp from my nano once it is dismantled into this tank, however I've decided to keep the nano up and running! So any suggestions for this now empty tank? It won't have a great deal of cover as I'm mainly...