1. Mark Nicholls

    Imitating Nature.

    Here's my take on running a successful low maintenance low tech low budget tank. I have adopted these rules over many years of aquatic experience and have learnt by my mistakes Pick a theme. My particular themed tank simulates a medium flow river bed. Do your research. Learn the water...
  2. C

    Complete makeover!!!

    Hey everybody So I’ve a Juwel Lido 200 that I think is ready for an makeover. I’m looking to go heavily planted but have no co2 etc as of yet (just the lights/heater/filter). Happy to go co2 to ensure a better balanced tank. We can talk everything from substrate to hardscape to plants. All...
  3. G

    Substrate advice - Tropica Aquarium Soil vs Fluval Plant & Shrimps Stratum

    hello guys, so i went today to the aquarium design centre and bought Tropica Aquarium Soil 3kg for my new 50litre aquarium. I did the setup and think I need more substrate so i ordered on amazon the Fluval Plant & Shrimps Stratum 4kg. Should i put the fluval on top of the tropica, mix them or...
  4. Majsa

    Filling up soil

    Hi, I feel my CPD's and shrimp need more space and so they are getting an upgrade from 40L tank to 54L (60x30x30). It will probably take months to set it up since I cannot afford buying all the equipment at once...The idea is to go for a heavily planted nature scape with both stone and wood. I...
  5. Tom43

    River Eco-Systems Video

    I came across this video by Dr Anne Jefferson who runs the Water Hydrology Unit at Kent State University. Thought it was worth a share for those who've not seen it. She has a great blog as well.
  6. S

    Under gravel

    Can under gravel filters be made to work in a tank with few fish and shrimps? I'm thinking of different layers of the right substrates, a power head etc. I like the unobtrusive nature of these filters. I suppose I am talking extremely low tech. It needs to be a simple set up as SWMBO is a...
  7. Aqua Essentials

    Look what we have here

    the new Tropica complete substrate. 3 and 9L bags Normal variety and powder and not only that... We're offering them at 10% off for a short period. Move over ADA - there's a new sheriff in town ;)...