1. Mr.Shenanagins

    Original Bean Animal Overflow Guide

    This is the original Bean Animal Overflow guide from the creators website. It has recently disappeared from the web when you go to older links so here is the updated link for anyone who is considering a sump setup...
  2. I

    Searching for new tank - Sump vs canister

    Hi, Im in the process of buying a new 150cm long tank. My previous one was also that size, it was custom built with a sump which I was very happy with. Not sure whether to go down the sump route again for the new one or whether to use a canister filter. I like how everything is more accessible...
  3. I

    eaReefPro for freshwater

    Hi, I am looking for a new 150cm long tank. This will be a freshwater setup, and will have a sump as filtration. I am considering a tank from Evolution Aqua. Since I want a sump, I'm considering going for their eaReefPro marine range instead of their Aquascaper range. Has anyone used an...
  4. mike L

    "Second Hand" Surface Agitation!

    I've ran air-stones at lights out, I've ran them 24/7 with co2 cranked up to compensate. The battle for good oxygen levels without de-gassing co2 always seems to take place at the water surface which recently led me to an idea/experiment. What if I create "another" surface which I can aerate...
  5. Zak Rafik

    Planted tank sump design - need your feedback. :-)

    Hi everyone, I'm in the midst of setting up a new tank 120 US gal / 455 litres and would like to use a sump for the filtration system.:) I have googled for ideas for fresh water sumps setups and most of the results are for marine tank and even then all most freshwater sump photos are not...
  6. Kezzab

    clay pebbles as filter media

    hi, I have a load of clay pebbles and a lot of spare space in a sump. Is there any reason why they wouldn't work as a filter media? I can't think of any, but before I stick them all in... thanks
  7. Kezzab

    Stig of the Sump

    Have made a couple of posts on this under other topics, but thought I’d tidy it up and start a journal (please forgive the repetition). The tank is a TMC 900 Signature (90x45x45) with sump. I’ve bought it second hand, it having previously been a reef tank. Total water volume will be around...
  8. Kezzab

    TMC Sig 900 & sump - low tech - feedback please

    Hi, I have a new project in the pipeline and I’d welcome some feedback on what I’m planning before I get started. There’s no particular reason for the project, other than I caught newtankitis. My aim is to get somewhere close to the self-sustaining minimal input type thing (plus water...
  9. AKD594

    Sumps for freshwater planted aquaria

    Just a question regarding sumps. Why are they not used much in freshwater aquaria? Thanks
  10. nduli

    Gurgling pump on a sump

    guys Quick help needed, got a signature 900 setup with the sump. It's my first sump system and its gurgling a lot. Any tips to help before the better half kills me? A journal will be following shortly, unless of course it gets thrown out the window.... Rich
  11. Chris Jackson

    Parva Beach - Where Corydoras Holiday

    Greetings and welcome to my new journal. This is the follow on scape from my previous Island Shore effort that had become a bit old and overgrown. For this project I wanted to go to something more wood and fern based and less high speed, high light Friday 10th July marked change over day and...
  12. Leesey

    Decided to go for co2!

    Right i have decided to go for co2 I will be putting the co2 into the final chamber of my sump and the return pump will then take it back up into the main tank. My question is what is the best way for me to get it into the tank. I have been on numerous websites and i am struggling to figure out...