surface skimmer fix

  1. mike L

    EHEIM 350 Skimmer Mod Pictorial

    The Eheim 350 is a powerful and compact little surface skimmer, but like many it seems, I've lost a few fish to it because it's intakes are a tad wide. I've employed many mods to try and tame this unit, but this one is the best I've come up with to date. There are many 350 mods that will protect...
  2. milanioom

    Eheim skim350 fix - no more death trap

    Hi! After a year of learning, I'm finally in a position to contribute to this great forum. Like many of you i too had a problem with a nasty surface film on my open tank so i went ahead and bought a aforementioned surface skimmer.The little thing works great but from time to time i found my...