1. Kyle Lambert

    silly boy, bought a t5 bulb instead of a t8...

    so as the title states, i bought a t5 bulb instead of a t8 online to replace the bulb that had bust. However, i have decided that im going to use said bulb in conjunction with the t8 to create a bit more oomph for my plants. Heres the problem. I cannot, for the life of me find a t5 starter...
  2. terry82517

    Do t8 lights really degrade over time?

    Hi all, I have 2x 30 watt t8 bulbs in my rio 180, co2, ei dosed planted tank, have had the bulbs for longer then I can remember and I'm thinking of replacing them as I've read that they lose their power after a year or so. Is this true or some another ploy to get you to buy new bulbs all the time?