1. Hanuman

    100x30x30 tank

    I have this <Ikea stand> made out of metal. I currently have my 60cm tank on there and a pretty heavy buddha head. I think total load is currently around the ~100kg. I am thinking about tossing that 60cm curved tank and custom make a 100x30x30 tank to fit perfectly the size of the stand...
  2. Crazy_Walrus

    adding more lights?

    So I currently run an interpet trispec on my tank which is running co" and daily ferts. I want a warmer colour ( which ive been told i need more red LEDS) to make my colour plants pop a bit more. If I was to add a cheap light for example fluval aquasky and set it to red, would this help with...
  3. SpeedyTheBetta

    (Week 1) Walstad Tank with Speedy the Betta | No CO2, No Ferts & Heater

    Hi there, I am for 6months now into this hobby and i really loved it! I like Natural planted tanks & Provide an ecosystem where plants and fish balance each other's needs. so learned about it and created my planted tank. I use organic soil and gravel, for plants i picked alot of fast growing...
  4. Akwarysta_pl

    054l - My own Borneo - Michał

    Hello; I want to present my aquarium which was arranged by the way of buying of some new plants. I had to put them to the aquarium without any idea concerning scape and I had collect another plants in the next days and put them also there randomly. In the next days I saw this all together in...
  5. maboleth

    Small bubble in silicone - case of concern or no?

    During my routine tank inspection, I've noticed a very small vacuum bubble in the silicone layer. It's 0.8 mm width and about 1.1mm length. Glass is 10mm and silicone thickness is 13mm. Extreme closeup macro images: Should this cause any concern in the future? Tank is doing fine, entering...
  6. Christopher Cook

    Dropped pressure

    Hi I set up a regulator with seloniod to a fire extinguisher yesterday afternoon. The tank or cylinder (high) pressure was around 850. The seloniod turned off at around 6pm. This morning I checked and the pressure has dropped to 800. I checked for leaks yesterday, once with seloniod off and...
  7. MrHammonds

    Fish for my new 180l Tropical - Soft Water

    Hello! So, I've got the new tank planted and set up, just in the process of waiting for it to cycle (with seeded media.) I went for a tropica substrate capped with a 2-4mm rounded gravel on top, was going to go full biotope but did so much research that I eventually talked myself out of doing...
  8. Aroxin

    Cube Tank Recommendations?

    Hey everyone im new here i currently have a 25L rectangular tank but two sides are obscured by white plastics. i want to get a cubic tank rougly 30-40L, small er is okay too for aquascaping. any recommendations?
  9. Kakarot

    Amazon feature fish? (not angels)

    Hey all! I'll be cycling my tank very shortly so i still have some time to decide...but I need some help from some wiser and more experienced fish keepers. I'd like to set up an Amazon themed aquarium, I have a 92 long x 50 high x 36 deep cm aquarium and i'd like a fish to contrast a shoal of...
  10. R

    70L Planted Tank - Corydoras Trilineatus | Three Lined Cory Videos

    Hey all, Just put up my first videos of my 70L Planted Tank with my new Corydoras Trilineatus (Three Lined Corys) Really happy with the way they came out. More fish and plenty for videos still to come. Let me know what you think! Enjoy! Ryan
  11. AKD594

    Show us your.......... South American Cichlids/their homes

    I do love South American Cichlids Anyone fancy showing us a few snaps? (apologies if this has been posted before)
  12. Ryan Young

    Wow this is weird!

    I suppose this is not completely off- topic but I was scrolling through Ebay as you do under aquarium supplies and I stumbled upon this, I doubt anyone is going to pay that and then have it transported but its kinda awesome anyway. I got interested when I saw the Eheim filter and Juwel tanks, if...
  13. brownmoth

    Adam's Shrimp and Fissidens Tank

    Adam’s Shrimp & Fissidens Tank Aquarium: Aqua One/ Aquanano 25 Co2: Sodastream Adapted Temperature: 23c PH 7.6 GH 6 KH 4 Fauna: Neocaridina davidi var. red Flora: Fissidens fontanus, Cryptocoryne sp., Taxiphyllum barbieri, Vesicularia montagnei Aquired aquarium in October 2014 and proceeded...
  14. Al404

    ADA 60F is only for USA market?

    i found this tank on USA ADA website but can't find it ( at least online) 60F is for USA market only?
  15. Kyle Lambert

    Aquaone Aqua Vogue lights.

    Does anyone know much about the new aqua vogues led system? all i can find is that there are various light modes witha mix of blue and white LEDs with a total wattage of 44w on the 135l veersion. If im looking to go high tech with co2, ferts and lights would that be powerful enough? does anyone...
  16. k-hult

    ADA or Optiwhite, cant decide :(?

    Hi everyone, i am looking to start up a large planted tank in my room but am having trouble deciding between an ADA tank and a custom Optiwhite tank. The ADA tanks dont come in the optimum size , At least in the UK, i would like, 180l x 60w x 60d, but are a higher quality tank and also a lot...
  17. RolyMo

    Nano or Sponge Filter

    Hi Guys & Gals I am a couple of months into my new shrimp tank which is populated with plants and CRS and all doing well. The nano tank I got came with a Dennerle nano filter which has worked well to date. It silently ripples the water surface in my low tech tank. Oxygen is supplied by a...
  18. Otto72

    Show us your shrimp tank 2013

    Well, I made a post like this here about two years ago and can't seem to find it again. So I though I would start a new one as I know you all have some awesome Shrimp tanks out there. Don't be shy let's see your masterpieces :)