1. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    So I've spent an inordinate amount of time considering what tank I'd want for upgrading from my 45P. Starting out considering a 60P, from there on fantasizing about 90Ps and 120Ps (ignoring the fact that my floors seems to be made of custard). Back to the 60P as an immediate upgrade. Then I was...
  2. Fiske

    Secret Pond - Paros tank

    I've been alluding to this a few times. Originally this was temporary holding for ???, set up very quickly and thrown on a small stand in our bathroom; back in august last year... Finally got a few days of to muck about with fish stuff, and had planned to move this, and make a permanent home...
  3. Fiske

    I bit the bullet :O

    Shipping was extremely fast, I could live with slower shipping for a lower price. That must be the only gripe I have here. Other than that I am super stoked to use this, too bad I don't even have the tank for this yet. A smaller part of these botanicals are going to be used very soon for a small...