tetratec ex1200

  1. Richard Dowling

    Banff Mountain Springs

    Hi All, Im Finally here! Ready start my first journal of what should be my first ever respectable effort at an Aquascape. I made my decision of which tank to buy after seeing Ed Gercog’s tank at Aquatics Live. I swiftly went with a TMC Signature 60x45x30. With Lighting I took Inspiration...
  2. Richard Dowling

    Filter Inlet - Shrimp

    Hi All, Anyone know if Ill need some mesh or a cover for the end of my filter inlet if I have shrimp? I have a pretty high flow filter in relation to my tank (Tetratec EX1200 for a 60x45x30 Tank) so im worried that shrimp will get hoovered by my Easy Aqua glass inlet (below)...