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tiago miravent

  1. tmiravent


    Hi, even before dismantled my last setup the search for a new layout had already begun. You can see last setup, and the final shot to IAPLC, EAPLC, AGA and ISTA: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/half-pixel-to-anamorphosis.43060/page-3#post-502569 All begun in June. I went to kayak with my...
  2. tmiravent

    LED - High power DIY - 60cm

    Hi, i love doing light for my tanks, here is my last DIY. Hope you like it! The fixture from above, you can see it's all aluminium, 4 pieces of double U shape with chihiros leg's (you can buy for around 9/10€). The light emiters, 4 x10W LED, and a acrylic protection for security. Detail...
  3. tmiravent

    Product Review ADA | WASMAS | ZETLIGHT | TWINSTAR | CHIHIROS | LED PAR DATA [The power of light]

    Some food for thought... [edited for easy reading 14.03.2017] In some discussion's with Nuno we thought would be nice to have some data about LED's. Remember that this data is not 100% scientific, but we tried to keep the same test conditions for all fixtures. In the worst scenario, the...
  4. tmiravent

    Half pixel to anamorphosis

    Hello, this is the journal for my new layout. This was the last image of the previous layout! Learned a lot with this tank lot's of challenges! Love to keep the neon tetras and the very special apistogramas B. Shishita. For this layout i'm working with black/red vulcanic rock and some wood...
  5. tmiravent

    Disobedience II (temporary name)

    Hi, Disobedience is finish, dismantled and the glass sold! For it's place a new tank! Date: December 2015 [update 16.02.2016] Tank: 270L [120x45x50 CentriVidro] Cabinet: DIY [carvalho] + metalic structure by CentriVidro Light: MIRALED 100W [3x10W - 3000ºK . 7x10W - 6500ºK] . 8000 lumen . CRI>80...
  6. tmiravent


    Hi, i'll star a new journal for my medium tank, the place for my bucephalandras! Here is the setup: Date: 12 Setembro 2015 Tank: 96L [80x30x40 Vidromoldura] Cabinet: DIY [carvalho] [White colver by bracaman] + metalic structure by vidromoldura Light: LED DIY [48W 8 x 6W . 40000 lumen . 6000ºK...
  7. tmiravent

    crumb [migalhas]

    Hi, thi is my re-scape from the previous CovaMoura. a lot of work to do...:cigar:
  8. tmiravent


    Mi big tank reached the end point. What to do? Buy some beer, make a dinner and invite friends to put hands on the aquarium! Many thanks to the fantastic quintet: Nuno, Claire, Hugo and António. Before the setup, here is the video. Enjoy.
  9. tmiravent


    Hi, I've been reading very interesting post's about putting water plants 'out of water'. There are some very good Wabi Kusa here in UKAPS. Along with my 2 year old son i grab my first aquarium 15 liters, a few stones, soil, plant's and water. Let's see how it works...Day one: 15|6|2014 Rules...