tmc 1500

  1. Crossocheilus

    How many Tmc 1500 ultima tiles for 90x45x50?

    How many tmc 1500 ultima daylight over a 90x45x50 with co2, ei, good flow etc, I want to be able to grow hc etc if I want. Thanks in advance guys!Oh and what are your thoughts on the colour rendition, I am torn between these and a 4 x 39w T5 fixture, this have dimming, T5s have colour...
  2. Josh Harrington

    2x TMC 1500 Tiles for 120cm?

    Hi guys, Looking into LED lighting for my 120cm tank and really quite stuck. I was all set on the Arcadia Classica OTL LED until I found out you can't program the light levels, only turn them down when you're using them, which is useless. Not planning to carpet or anything so probably wont...