tmc grobeam

  1. L

    80 X 45 X 45 Lighting Questions

    I'm going to be purchasing a 80 x 45 x 45cm, rimless, 162 litre / 35.6 gallon tank in the next couple of weeks and I have a few questions regarding lighting options. As a bit of background, I've only a 5 gallon low light tank in the past so I'm pretty new to this. I'm aiming to have a scape...
  2. callmephathead

    Wagamama...A bit Japanese...But not as good

    At last, I have my new TMC Signature tank! Sadly it's a very small one, only 45x45x30, but the Mrs would not allow me to have anything bigger in the house...She sounded quite serious I the time so I did not argue too much...A small tank is better than none... I have never really cared about the...