tmc grobeam 600

  1. J

    Forest Scree, 40cm Cube (60L).

    Hi folks. As my first contribution to the site, I would like to document the process of a 60l Nano I have started recently. After making a move out of the city, I have had much more time to dedicate to the planning and process of such a tank. The local wooded hills make for perfect...
  2. James Fawkes

    600 litre Low Tech Discus Tank

    Hi there, I recently finished setting up my big tank! It still needs a few more discus but it's looking pretty good (I think). It was originally filled 4 months ago with established filter media and stocking has gradually increased from tetras and corys to a fully fledged discus tank...
  3. Jaap

    Anyone used a GroBeam 600 for high tech tank?

    Hi I find it a bit strange that the TMC GroBeam 600 could be ever used for a high tech planted aquarium. The light produced looks so dull and the tank looks poorly lit. My plants aren't doing well and yes I have ruled everything else out, its the light that's causing the problem no doubt about...
  4. Jaap

    Natural Aquarium attempt - 16/06/2015 (pics)

    Hello, Day 1! After many efforts of finding plants in this country, I have finally gotten my hands on some and here is the aquascape that I managed. Tank Size: 40L Substrate: JBL Manado Fertilization: EI Light (still coming): TMC GroBeam 600 with controller Plants: Eleocharis Parvula, Java...
  5. Reuben

    Anyone using these without trouble?

    Hi TMC Grobeam 600. I have a hi tech 125L with these over and a controller so I can dim them. They seem to be very powerful as far as I can tell. I find that I have to run them at 25% max output or I get diatoms -lots of them. Just interested to know if anyone has done PAR readings on...