tmc signature 60

  1. Joel S

    TMC Signature corner crack advice

    I had hoped to be starting a new tank journal, but before I can do that I have to solve a problem! The TMC Signature 60 x 30 x45 that I ordered a couple of weeks ago finally arrived, but straight out of the box I saw a serious chip and crack in the bottom left corner of the back panel...
  2. AquamaniacUK

    Lighting for a TMC signature 60 (60x45x30)

    Hi I am about to purchase my first signature tank. The tank i am ordering is a TMC signature 60 (60x45x30 cm ) aprox. 80 litres. What i am not sure is about lighting for this tank. So here is the planned setup. Tank : TMC signature 60 (60x45x30 cm ) aprox. 80 litres. Filter: Fluval 305...