tnc complete

  1. Insectkiller2005

    Ei Ferts

    Hi anyone used the APF complete ferts from apfuk ? If so is it any good ?
  2. scoobiemandan

    Stag Horn Algae....arggghhhh!

    I seem to be having a problem with unhealthy plants and stag horn algae in my aquarium which I can't seem to eradicate! First off; Tank specifications - Fluval Roma 240 Lighting - T8 40w x2 (Power Glo and Aqua Glow) Daily photoperiod - Currently 6 hours split 50/50 (3 hour gap) CO2 - Liquid...
  3. nduli

    Tnc complete or tropica specialised

    Guys Still have 500ml left of Tnc complete in the garage somewhere. I am prepping for my new scape and wondered whether there is any difference between Tnc complete and tropica specialised- noticed a number of people on here use tropica but can't seem to find any details of what's in tropica...