1. jaypeecee

    (Free) Lighting Tool

    Hi Folks, I'd like to suggest an easy way to get an idea of the RGB balance and colour temperature of aquarium lighting. It may even suggest the dominant wavelength of the light being emitted from your lighting. All that's needed is a white piece of paper and one of many phone apps that are...
  2. Gaina

    Sterilising nets etc.

    What does everyone use to sterilise nets, aquascaping tools etc? I cannot find good old unscented bleach anywhere, it's all got exotic additives and perfumes, so I'm wondering if the sterilising fluid used for baby bottles would do the job? All feedback gratefully received. :thumbup:
  3. Hyoscine

    Eheim MultiBox, a quick review

    Doesn't seem to be anything on the forum, so I thought I'd share my take on it. This thing is, for me, a lifesaver . I keep one aquarium, a thirty litre, heavily planted shrimp tank. It's my first ever, and it's been going for about half a year now. It's simultaneously the most relaxing, and...
  4. ale36

    AquaScaping tools?

    What tools would a beginner need? what would be the best "budget" tools for a beginner aquascaper and where would it be the best place to get them from?