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  1. M

    DIY How to make Micro Element Fertilizer?

    Hello friends. How to make Micro Element Fertilizer? products i have 1-Manganese sulfate 2-zinc sulfate 3-Boric acid 4-Copper Sulphate 5-Sodium Molybdete 6-EDTA 7-Ascorbic Acid 8-Hydrochloric Acid 9-Potassium Sorbate What I did is as follows, but the plants cannot use it, what is the reason...
  2. M

    Ei method soft water?

    Hello everyone, friends. I have a question on my mind for a long time. 1st question = Does the ei method work in very soft water with 0 Kh - 3 Gh? Or will the ei fertilizer rates be too high? Have you tried the ei method in soft water before? If yes, can you share the tank pictures...
  3. Hanuman

    DIY Fertilizer Formula Recommendation

    Hello everyone. I have posted this in a facebook group but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I am tired of paying outrageous prices for liquid fertilizers so I though of making my own with dry salts. I know, there is a ton of info out there and believe me I have been scavenging the...
  4. oscarlloydjohn

    Favourite trace fert

    I'm interested to know your chosen trace fertiliser. I'm considering switching as I don't like the one I am currently using (APFuk trace mix). I'd assume most of you are dosing EI levels? Tropica, ProFito, Flourish? Chelated trace powders? Oscar