1. Bumblefish

    Trimming Utricularia graminifolia

    Hello everyone, I have a 10 litre nano tank a few months old in which I've been growing a UG carpet. It's starting to get pretty dense at the front and is finally beginning to look fairly good. At the last trim I took it down to about 3cm at which point I exposed some patches which were...
  2. D

    New Aquascape Best Way To Trim

    Planted my first higher tech aquacape a few weeks ago. The plants are doing well so far and algae is for now at least minimal (may not stay this way but so far so good :). Back ground plants are ludwiga repens, tiger lilly and pogostemon stellatus. The growth is much quicker than in my older...
  3. Bufo Bill

    Christmas Moss Trimming

    Hi, I have superglued some Xmas moss onto some bog wood. When is the best time to start trimming it back so that it spreads over the wood? Immediately? Wait for new growth first? Any help appreciated. Many thanks from Bill. :D
  4. George Farmer

    Moss trimming, no mess - now with video

    Hi all, I love moss. Only recently have I used it properly in aquascaping and I've realised the biggest PITA for me with it is dealing with the trimmings. They usually sink to the bottom of the tank and require siphoning. Any leftovers usually get entangled with carpeting plants and end...