tropica plants

  1. CooKieS

    Simple nature aquarium - 36x22x26

    Hi, Launched this scape for a friend yesterday; Optiwhite 36x22x26cm approx 6gallons Asia wood Seiryu stones Ada amazonia Tropica powder Jbl mineral soil Sunsun filter Chihiros A series 360 Pressurised CO2 Glass lily pipes Fissidens fontanus Marsilea crenata Rotala green Rotala rotundifolia...
  2. Zak Rafik

    Just how many plants are there in a pot of Tropica 1-2-Grow?

    Hi everyone,:) I'm in midst of planning for a new planted tank:happy:. I happened to see some pots of Tropica's 1-2-Grow at a LFS. As you see in the photo which I took, one container of Cryptocoryne wendtii green seems to contain so many plantlets. According to Torpica's website it states that...
  3. viktorlantos

    Tropica workshop Denmark - video slide show

    Cheers to all :) 2 weeks ago we had a nice weekend at Tropica with some of the UKAPS cream. I made some photos on the nursery tour at that time and since we had a local workshop this weekend i put these photos together in Animoto. Maybe the video will be useful for some who never seen the...