tropica premium

  1. akbar19942k10

    Tropica premium fertiliser vs Easy life profito

    Setting up a low tech setup, however I will be using co2 for the first month or so for the high demanding mosses. With the scape mostly consisting of Bucephalandra, mosses, and moderate fish stock. I'm deciding between two prominent fertilisers. Tropica Plant Growth Premium fertiliser and Easy...
  2. SDIESEL77

    Tropica Specialised or Premium v2

    Hi All, I am currently using the Tropica Specialised in my nano tank (55L) and always had a bit of algae due to high phosphate/nitrate. I am now upgrading to the Aquascaper 900 tank and was wondering if I should instead switch to the Tropica Premium? Here is a quick video of the tank which will...