1. Shinobi

    Up Inline diffusser - large bubbles issue

    Hey Guys. Just recently bought the "new" up inline diffuser. Worked perfectly at first producing a fine mist of bubbles. Now I refilled the Co2 cannister and upon turning it on the diffusser started to spit out much larger bubbles, far from resembling the mist it produced earlier - mind the...
  2. aaron.c

    Inline diffusers... show us your bubbles!

    Hey All Those that use inline diffusers, how often are you cleaning them? I have just replaced the ceramic insert in mine and bubbles are back to being on the big side after only a coupe of weeks. I am convinced they are too big and are cuasing my CO2 to be sub par. I could just up the...
  3. CO2Art.co.uk

    Original UP New Inline CO2 Atomizer Diffuser System Available now on CO2Art!

    Hello, Great news! We are first in UK to have Original UP Latest (Released in February 2014) Inline CO2 Atomizer for sale! UP decided to change design slightly so now you will be able to clean it very easy or change hose attachment nuts so if you decide to buy bigger / smaller filter you don't...
  4. greenink

    Best and simplest way to inject CO2?

    I've tried lots of in-line approaches... AM1000 reactor: good diffusion, crystal clear water, too noisy, gets dirty and blocks flow UP diffuser: bubbles too annoying if post-filter; crystal clear if pre-filter; but slowly gets blocked with limescale and needs cleaning, so needs constant slow...