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  1. jaypeecee

    Can Anyone Recommend A Reliable CO2 Check Valve?

    Hi Folks, I have used several manufacturers' CO2 check valves and found some to be not fit-for-purpose. In other words, they allow water to flow in the opposite direction to the CO2. This can happen when the CO2 is switched off by a solenoid valve, for example. I just want something that is...
  2. John P Coates

    EOTDs and Pressure Relief Valves

    Hi Folks, I read somewhere that the EOTD (end of tank dump) problem could possibly be averted by the use of a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV). As I understand it, the idea is to add one of these PRVs on the CO2 line connected to the injector/diffuser. In the event that the CO2 regulator stays open...
  3. John_42

    CO2 controller

    Does anyone have experience of this CO2 controller?