water change

  1. GreyFoxIndy

    Best water changing solution here in the UK??

    Hey guys. About to create my first nature scape tank in a couple of weeks. Gathering my supplies. So I was wondering what everyone is doing to change the water? I see this python changer getting a lot of positivity in the USA. But what about the UK? My concern about the python is how much...
  2. Hanuman

    Water changes after initial setup of planted tank

    Hello everyone, I would like to have an explanation with some degree of details, explaining the necessity of regular water changes (say 2/3/4 or more times a week) during the initial few weeks after setup. I understand that the overall idea of water changes is to get rid of the organics in the...
  3. plantman123

    I Stopped BBA without any chemicals or water change

    Been battling it for a month. Using toothbrush to scrape it off plants. The worst part was the sponge filter it loves porus materials. I didn't think it would work or in fact would make it worse.. but thought I would try it as a last resort option. I completely shut off the co2 and after a...
  4. Mark82

    Water Change

    Hi all, So I’m hoping someone can provide me some more insight into why we need to do a weekly water change. I know everyone says you need to do between 25 to 50% water change weekly, but for me I want to know why, I am trying to understand why we need to do this. Before I go any further I...
  5. Aqua Hero

    Aquaponics Vs Walstad Method Vs Water Changes

    i have been looking into the first two methods of taking care of our underwater ecosystem. for years people have been doing water changes and we all know it works BUT does that mean its the only method of taking care of your aquarium. i would like to know your thoughts and opinion about which...
  6. Jaap

    Water Changes and EI dosing

    Hi, for both practical and educational purposes how does dosing EI and water changes go when: 1. Water changes are made daily? 2. Water changes are made twice a week? Also, when doing a water change is it better to change as much of the water possible rather than 50? I mean doesn't 90% water...
  7. James Fawkes

    HMA Filter - Which one to buy?

    Hi there, I'm planning a discus tank and am going to get a HMA filter for the water. A lot of people seem to go with the DD HMA filter which is around £85. However, on eBay there seems to be ones available for a bout £35. I know these filters will need changing more frequently, but is there...
  8. Christos Ioannou

    Bucket-less Water Changes

    In my previous setup I struggled with buckets and hoses to make the necessary water changes. Such was the struggling that it finally got the best of me and so I did not follow the necessary WC regime I should. Not to forget the foul taste of aquarium water too :sick: I knew of the python water...
  9. Paulo Soares

    Water Change Methods (Considerations For Debate)

    For Planted Aquariums With Estimative Index Good day, First let me tell you that since I embrace this hobby and as time goes by I always question my self some theorys and methods that are taken as functional and it seem also cientically proven without question. Well.. since I remember myself...
  10. Zak Rafik

    Preparing tap water for an URGENT PWC (Partial Water Change). How?

    Hi everyone, When I need to do my weekly 50% water changes ( about 110 litres), I usually store my tap water in a big plastic container mixed with Seachem's Prime for 24 hours. And since my tank's temperature is now 25C (77F) and my tap water's average temperature is around 29c to 30c (84F to...
  11. CalebWM

    Water changes

    Hi guys, Quick question, i filled up my tank yesterday for the first time, how often should i be doing water changes now and how much? Thanks
  12. rustedzeke

    Water Change Problem

    I am about to start my first planted aquarium in a 100 litre tank. I have experience in maintaining tropical aquaria but I focussed on the fish rather than plants. I have selected some point next week to start up the aquarium, but I recently had a thought; how do I get the water into the...