water treatment

  1. Aqua Hero

    White spot on german ram

    i bought a new german ram for a pet store. he was active and the most dominate in the tank so i decided to take him. i decided to quarantine it for a while and i noticed 3 small white spots on the fish. im guessing it has white spot. the temperature is 86F and i have already done a 50% water...
  2. Chris25

    Water Chemistry from really hard water

    Hi all, I live down in Southampton and have stupidly hard water! I want to try and breed and raise discus and am struggling to get my parameters correct. I have a bare bottom 100l tank which I've setup with an air filter and air stone. I have put in some moss balls from another tank and there...
  3. Fruitflies

    Water treatment

    Sorry if this has been asked before- I couldn't find anything on the forums. Hi I have just upgraded to a larger tank (here) than I have had before. I'm still in the cycling process,so I am doing a lot of water changes and so I am adding lots of Tetra Aquasafe. At 5 ml per 10 litres, I'm...