1. Goose157

    90 litre 18 inch tall lighting?

    Hi all, I am running a 90 litre - co2 fe tank, just swapped my old tubes for a 18 watt led overhead (removed the lid completely).....this is to my eyes way brighter, buy i have no par meter. I dose weekly with a all in one fert. On reading many great articles on here it has made me realise this...
  2. Jimbo1981

    DIY Lighting - Wattage Input or Output Used?

    Hi All, I'm a bit of a newbie to the planted aquarium scene, I've recently read numerous articles and watched many YouTube videos on lighting as i am intending to create something myself with either CFL or LED (6500k). When it comes to Watts per Gallon/Litre it seems common that a Medium to...