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  1. Savi_g

    Rusty wood 🙃

    Hi guys. I just saw this piece of aquatic wood and was wondering what was going on? Is it the oxidising of the iron in the wood? …I may of just sounded like a complete idiot. Thanks guys as always.
  2. Jonatk

    Should I throw out my wood after a while?

    I maybe answering my own question here, but... I am getting a lot of fine particles in my tank now, which I think is coming from a large piece of wood which I have had in the tank now two years. Is it now time to throw it out? I have also noticed that my nitrate has increased to 40ppm, from...
  3. Box of Demons

    Cant find any good stone

    All my local aquatic centers only have tiny pieces of wood and stone, I live in Leeds and have even driven to Hull (octopuss8) to loof for bigger pieces with no luck. I have a new roma 240 tank... sat with substrate init an d nothing else. any suggestions on where i can find some good wood and...
  4. doylecolmdoyle

    5ft Blackwater Shallow Stream

    Tank - Fire Aqua 1500 x 210 x 240, 10mm low iron glass. 20G / 75 ltr Stand - Ikea Kallax bookshelf's as stand, with extra soild wood top. Filter - 1 x 1400lph canister filters (eheim copy) Light - MML LED Tube on a Cade hanging kit Hardscape - Bog wood / random wood Substrate - Gravel Plants -...
  5. DutchMuch

    Emersed Culture, [The Beginner Basics].

    So I decided to do a how-to on Emersed Culture(s) for newbies to the whole "Emersed World!" of aquatic plants. Background: I have been planting and "Harvesting" Emersed aquarium (or aquatic) plants, for around 3 years now. In that time I have learned a lot in such little time, that is due to...
  6. C

    Preparing wood for a tank

    Hi, I brought some wood from a aquarium shop last weekend and want to get it ready for my tank. It was slightly moldy so I soked both peices in boiling water for 20mins and left them to soak in cold water over night. Is this enough or do you think I should do something else to the wood? Thank...
  7. Harry H

    Safe to use Glue gun to stick wood?

    Is it safe to use glue gun to secure wood? The packaging of the sticks don't say anything about what's in them. Anyone used before?
  8. dw1305

    Heather, it didn't like the drought

    Hi all, I was on a Field Course last week in Dorset, and a lot of heather on the sand dunes at Studland etc had died in the drought. You couldn't collect any dead heather from Studland, because it is a NNR, but there should be other heaths, moors and commons where there is dead heather wood you...
  9. Kezzab


    Found these while out with the kids in the woods, the big one may just fit my 90cm. Pretty pleased with it.
  10. Neil EFC

    DIY wood

    I have seen people create backgrounds using cement to cover polystyrene which got me wondering wether it would be possible to get any wood(such as non safe) from a local forest and dunk it in cement and apply the same method as the diy backgrounds. Not sure if this is a crazy idea or if anyone...
  11. Tamekascaping

    Newbie from East London looking for CO2 and aquascaping advice

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on purchasing a Juwel Lido 200 next week. It will be the first time I've used CO2 and tried to aquascape. Any tips for a beginner? My dad and I have always kept aquariums but this CO2 introduction has made me nervous! If anyone knows a decent place to purchase gas...
  12. Ryan Young

    Varnishing Oak branches for aquarium

    Hi, Following on from a previous thread which I asked about collecting wood in my local area, I managed to find some very nice Oak branches without bark on. I understand that Oak is a close grain wood so should not get soggy and flake too quickly; however is there any type of clear protective...
  13. Ryan Young

    Wiltshire area, collecting wood...

    Hi all, I live in the Wiltshire area, I have a lot of countryside around me and would love to find a piece of wood/ pieces of wood to use in my new scape. Could anyone suggest safe and common wood types that I could use in the scape?
  14. iDigit

    Hardscape wood

    Hello all, I am in the process of setting up a Trigon 190 tank. I have decided on wood as my hardscape base underpinned by some rock. I saw some very nice wood at ridiculous prices at sevceral of my local FS and discovered that the wood was grape vine stems. I have free and random access...
  15. Kakarot

    Reclaimed timber dual aquarium build

    Hey all, Thought I'd share my build as I go, I can only put in an hour or so a day so it's going to be a few weeks until it's completed so you'll have to bare with me. I'm using reclaimed pallet wood and any other bits I can get for free. I should have enough timber with the 6 pallets I have...
  16. AKD594

    Hardscape - Wood and rocks - when do and don't they work

    Planning a 'scape. Just curious about hardscape - particularly the use of wood and rocks together. I've always been more a fan of wood and have read in some places that you are better of using one or the other. However I've seen the combination work well in numerous tanks. My questions are...
  17. Kezzab

    What would you do with this?

    So i found this on the beach at the weekend. It's actually too large for any tank i own, but it looks cool and i can sort of imagine what i'd do with it. I'll keep it in the hope i may have use for it in future (although i'm open to offers;)). Curious to hear what others would do with this.
  18. A

    Handmade wood furniture

    Hi all! For my new fish tank, I needed a suitable piece of furniture. In this journal I wanted to show you my progress so far. The tank is 100cm x 50cm x 50cm Love to hear your feedback and tips! Side view: Top view: Side view (long side): Wood dye applied: Doors: Detailled shot of...
  19. Ryan Young

    What do you think? Too much wood...

    First of all, I don't people telling me that my substrate and gravel choices are bad or my stone should be moved/ changed. This is simply for feedback on my redmoor placing. So with that established, I am setting up a planted aquarium using a 200L (43G) Fluval aquarium. I have a JBL 2kg CO2...
  20. saifali

    These Driftwood pieces something you would put in your planted tank ?

    Saw these at the local stores , just wondering if you guys would pay $60 each for these pieces and put it in your planted tanks ? If so which one would you choose , Any Ideas? Do you guys like any of these?
  21. Kyle Lambert

    rocks that soften water?

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen. Im looking to get back into the game soon (and have eyed up a freaking lovely 135l tank with which to do so) and i have the misfortune of living in a hard water area. If i could afford the RO kit id be going for it without question but its not an option for me. I...
  22. razvaa

    New start - 70x35x40

    After I had american cichlids for 2 years I decidec that I want a planted tank again, so it will be a nature aquarium. I started this setup 2 days ago. some specs Tank - 70x35x40 Lighting - 2x24w 6500k Filter - Tetratec ex 600 CO2 - citric acid and baking soda 1BPS, UP inline atomizer Substrate...
  23. K

    How to secure wood?

    Hi All Quick noob question. So in my quest to go low tech planted. I want to buy this http://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/manzanita-wood-s2-16x11-977-p.asp to make a tree out of. I might cut off the brunch at the bottom to give the look of a longer trunk. What is the best way to go about...
  24. LukeDaly

    Aquascaping assistance

    Hey guys I am looking for some comments on my current hard scape (no plants ordered yet). Be as truthful as you can :) if you think it looks rough be sure to let me know, and let me know what you would change personally! I personally dont think it looks quite right yet but cant seem to put...
  25. Antoni

    Antoni's 60 cm scape - Autumn déjà vu

    Hi guys, its been awhile since I have taken down the Lonely mountain and is time for new venture :) I have played a bit with the hardscape to decide what style of aquascape I want and I came up with those 2 hardscapes: Seiryu stone mountain hardscape: And wood scape, with some...
  26. Bryson375

    How long before wood rots??

    If I spotted a funky looking branch still with its bark and such(maybe still with its tree) how long would it be before it rots? Also, how bad would it be for my water quality?
  27. Daz2162

    Beginners aquascape

    Hello everyone, After reading a few journals on here and everyone sort of asking for more journals to be made, especially new tanks etc I thought id share my story and progress! Im going to generalise the last year or so and get into more detail when the journal becomes more recent It all...
  28. Matt Warner

    Redmoor Rio Low Tech

    Hi all, I thought I would start my first journal on here as I have never got round to doing one before. The tank is a juwel rio 125 which I've had set up as a high tech co2 tank for the last few years. I have recently moved house, so I decided to completely rescape and go low tech as I will have...