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10 scapes at Aquarium Gardens - what’s your favourite?

Some beautiful aquariums. I liked number 5 best. Huge kudos for the skill involved in putting these together - it is vastly ahead of anything I’m capable of! I would have loved to see more originality, though. Not sure there is much that we haven’t seen before?

I’m in a contrary mood!
Agree its an amazing shop and by far ahead of any other I've seen in the uk. For me scape 1 is the nicest because its the least forced and most natural looking of all of them. It could be because its grown in more over time but the age of the scape is also one of the impressive things about it.
Number 3 for me, you dont need a wide range of plants and the fish fit in perfectly, close to it 6, but all very impressive
I’ve spent the last hour or so looking at George’s other recent YouTube videos on the back of this post.

The idea of combining glowlight tetras and green neons was particularly inspiring!
Again I liked them all but number 3 really stands out for me. Are there any more details about the plants and set up of that one available anywhere?