11 weeks update


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2 Sep 2019
South Wales
Final full tank shot:


Dimensions: 30x12x16

CO2: N/A

Filtration: Betta 1050l/ph external

Lights: Aquarium hood modified for 2 LED T8 bulbs

Photo Period: 9 hours (10.30 - 7.30)

Fertilisation: N/A will dose Tropica Specialised in a few weeks

Substrate: Tropica soil capped with play sand and gravel

Hardscape: Unsure on names of wood or stone

Flora: Java Fern, Vallisneria, Nymphoides Taiwan, cryptocoryne wendtii, Bacopa Caroliniana, amazon sword? and a few others Im not sure on, the red plants on the right?

Fauna: 2 Zebra Danio, 1 Amano Shrimp, 2 Nerite Snails

Feedback is much appreciated and also some help on plant names and hardscape :)
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