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130Ltr - Rescape - Fake plants!

Do you have any pics of the maui sand in your tank at all?

It looks nice. I think a 12.5kg bag & a 2.5kg bag would do it?
skeletonw00t said:
I like sand though :/ mmm what to choose.

Ultimately choose what you like the look of most matey. Its YOUR tank after all :thumbup:
Don't suppose you have some photos of the maui sand IN a tank? Can't seem to find any...

Edit - just found some. I really like it. Currently torn between that and a sand... Unsure. Where is the best place to buy the unipac sand?
15kg may be sufficient, I reckon I used 15kg in my 60cm x 30cm aquarium, I bought a 25kg bag for £15.99 in a local shop, 5kg individual bags were £5.99 each, it was cheaper to buy more than I needed 🙂
Thanks Harry.

Wow Nry thats cheap - i just paid £27 from aqua essentials for a 12.5kg bag & 2.5kg bag - including delivery.
Thanks Harry.

Wow Nry thats cheap - i just paid £27 from aqua essentials for a 12.5kg bag & 2.5kg bag - including delivery.
Plants (lol) arrived today so I had a play with the layout, I'm thinking something like this?


With the white sand sloping towards the rear obviously.

Looks good I think! Impressed with the plants - and like the red one in the middle.

Anyone have any scape advice?
Haha don't worry this is all just experimentation.

I am draining the tank first & bleaching to remove stubborn algae.

Then glassware will replace the spray bars also.

Really impressed with the plastic plants though.
I have some lilly pipes in the loft that I have had for a few years but never used. They were Poweren ones off ebay
I am WELL IMPRESSED with those plants mate... you might be starting a new craze !!! LOL. I would like to see some carpet type plants coming down between the smaller rocks over to the right and then continuing over to the right side of the tank and maybe a little forward. I think that would give the impression of greater length.
Thanks 🙂

I have changed it slightly & will experiment more before cleaning out the tank and doing the scape properly.

Only thing I'll miss is watching the growth of the plants - but I suppose this is the trade off of having very little maintenance.
I think it looks fantastic and will be following to see how maintenance goes with algae etc.