150cm/5ft Light fittings advice needed.


New Member
12 Nov 2020
Tyne and Wear
Hi there. I have a 5 ft tank that's 2 ft deep and 1.5ft wide. It's currently running two 1449mm 80W t5 bulbs One Bright white, one marketed as a red bulb that's quite purple (off a 54W Glo HO Ballast). Obviously this current set up isn't ideal. It's been working fine for years but it's started to have intermittent flickering issues and occasionally it goes out. And for the sake of energy bills I'd like to make the switch to LEDs. The tank is sparsely scaped, as you'll see in the pictures in my tank log but I am looking at a carpet growing in and to get some strong growth out of Cyperus Helferi so it can't be too dim.

The major issue I'm having is that most LED lights seem to come as a 48" version and with my drip covers there isn't really anywhere in the middle of the tank to stand two 75cm lights. The ones that extend to 145cm would mean that the actual light was over barely 2/3 of the tank. Does anyone out there make a half decent LED that long?

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