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190L Trigon - my first planted tank

Added some new friends today

A pair of Bristlenose Plecos. Algae seems to like to grow on bow front tanks, so hopefully they have fun with that.

All the live bearers and my 2 electric blue rams are still alive and well, which is nice because you never really know how a new tank will go.


My plants continue to grow pretty quickly. I have cut back and replanted the stems 2 weeks in a row now. It is certainly thickening at the back, it looks a bit messy but I don't think I have a problem with that. The beautiful scapes on this site look a bit too much like hard work for my liking.

I like that one of the plants has decided to grow under and wrap around my AT-AT. This was a complete accident but fits my theme nicely

The tank looked like this in my first post

So even though I had to drain the tank for nearly 3 days and this did a lot of damage to the existing growth, there has been a lot of growth in my tank over the last month or so
I think that's what is known as a feeding frenzy! 😂 My rams are just as greedy, they're always the first to feed!

I think my rams are a bit thick.

When I put in the normal flake food the live bearers swarm like piranhas at the top of the tank and the rams swim about normally at the bottom of the tank completely obviously. Then eventually when a small piece happens to sink and float past them they chase after it
In terms of fish, I added 10 young livebearers about a week ago and they have thrived. They are delightful fish, always right at the front of the tank and where 1 goes the other 9 quickly follow - you would think they are tetras. Though I admit that when I bought them I hadn't really thought through the perils of adding males and females.

Hard to see, but I just discovered the first of what I have an ominous feeling is going to be many
I have been doing a water change every Saturday morning. Every week I cut back the plants and replant a couple of the cuttings. By the next Saturday the plants have grown back to the waterline and I repeat the process. Its never going to win any awards, but the plants are growing well and gradually thickening at the back.


The fish are happy aswell, which is the whole point of the planted tank. I still haven't lost a single fish, which for a brand new tank with a disrupted cycle, is very pleasing. Some of the fish are far too happy, a depressing number of the live bearers are pregnant.. a few larger fish have just been added in attempt to ensure the tank isn't completely overrun by guppies!

My Rams colouring wasn't very impressive when I first brought them home, but they are now a very vivid blue so hopefully they are happy. I am very fond of this picture which I took a second ago

I'm incredibly happy that I added 2 plecos a few weeks ago. They are very fun to watch and have made a very noticeable difference to the algae growth on the bow front glass!
Lost one of my angels last night. First fish that has died in the tank.

Feel pretty bad about it. I tested my water this morning and it's perfect so I don't really understand what happened
That's tough, unexplained deaths are always a concern. I don't know how fragile juvenile angels are, they grow way too big for my size tanks.
I suppose all you can do at the moment is watch for any unusual behaviour in the other fish.