200L tank with good lighting?

ulster exile

6 Jul 2007
Birmingham, UK
Hi, I currently have a 225L (ish) Cleair tank which was supplied with 4xT8. I found this level of lighting sufficient to require CO2 but of the two ballasts broke last year. As the space into which the ballasts fits is rather small and the ballasts are unidentifiable Chinese make, I've not been able to source a replacement which would fit.

So, now that we're finally moving house (well, we've found one at least) I may be able to buy a new tank. It needs to be the same size but I can't find any with decent lighting. Hubby refuses to let me have a luminaire :rolleyes: so I need it to be supplied with good lighting.

Are there any out there? I loved the styling of Rena tanks, but gather they're not being made any more anyway.

Dan Crawford

Staff member
21 Jun 2007
Daventry, Northants
Hiya, most new tanks are supplied with T5 lighting. A tank of that size should come with 4 tubes.
Hagen's new "profile" tanks come with good lighting but they're quite expensive. Juwel tanks now come with T5 but they don't all come with 4 x T5.
I would buy a tank that you like the look of and providing that it's a standard size you'll be able to get a Juwel iBar to add to it.

Hope that helps.