250L of unbalanced excitement


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19 Aug 2015
I have been waiting for this project to happen for almost 2 years, quietly planning in my head. I new the size of that tank that I can fit under the staircase, but could not decide about the cabinet. Finally I went the route of a steel frame, powder painted it black and display the filter and eventually (hopefully) also the CO2 canister and all other things that's usually hidden in a cabinet.

I still want to change the filter to Oase Biomaster 600 Thermo or similar filter with built-in heater. Also waiting for glassware...

This is my first aquascape attempt if You don't count my 25L nano tank.

Tank: 250L Eheim Proxima 100x50x50
Light: Aqualighter 2 90cm 33W
Filter: Eheim Professional 2228
Substrate: Tropica Aquarium Soil + JBL River sand
Wood: supposed to be Winewood
Plants: monte carlo, staurogyne, anubias petie, cryptocoryne, eleocharis acicularis + some other that I can't name right now
Livestock: 10x Hemigrammus erythrozonus (Glowlight Tetra), 5x Cherry shrimp

The light are on for 6,5h/day.
Tank has been running since 5th October 2019.
So fa I have been changing 50-60% of water almost every day. Today is the first day with on cloudiness.

About the scape. I eventually want to have bunch of corydoras in the so I want to keep some unplanted area in the tank for them ti sieve through and JBL riversand is the right size for that. My first idea was to leave all the right area open, but it needed a little of something there... So brought in some more Mini landscape rock (need more though). The left area is really cheap-out: I used only 6L of Tropica substrate, rest is JBL Manado (have used it in my previous aquarium and stuffed it in womens stockings. This way I can rescape and reuse the substrate without mixing it with the crappy Manado.


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