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3 months on....First planted tank.

Mark L

25 Feb 2021
Chessington, Surrey.
My Leddy 60, 3 months after planting, minor algae issues all cleared up on their own now, and plants growing nicely.
No CO2, standard led tank lighting, Oase internal filter with heater, Tropica Soil powder and 6ml of Tropica Specialized fertiliser weekly, after 60% water change (weekly)
Ember Tetras, shy ones! Too many plants for them to hide in, they only venture out to feed or when lights are off!
Cherry Shrimp, there were around 10 in there, but I now have a lot of babies too!
4 Oto Affinis.
I’m happy with how it’s looking, should have got some bigger rock though, it’s all been swamped by the plants.


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