55l planted


1 Jun 2019
Dublin, Ireland
So I had a thread on a fluval spec 19 which I didn't like so this is my new tank.
It's my 1st planted tank apart from the spec for 6 weeks. Some plants were taken from it. I will transfer the fish in a couple of weeks.

Tank 55l custom opti white
Light chihiros A451 plus with commander 1 Bluetooth controller
Filter Oase filtro 60 external
Pressurised c02
50watt heater
Jbl air pump
Substrate tropica soil powder

It is setup about a week now so the carpet is not yet grown in, monte carlo melted but seems to be coming back now.
I will be ei dosing in about a weeks time.
c02 is on 2 hours before lights and off an hour before lights out. Lights are on for 6 hours at 50 percent with sunrise and sunset, I will increase this but I am unsure how quickly to do this. Can anyone advise me?
Overall I'm very happy with it and can't wait until it's grown in!


1 Oct 2016
Looking good :thumbup: and good to hear the MC is recovering

I will increase this but I am unsure how quickly to do this. Can anyone advise me?

Slowly, give it 4-6 weeks between increases and 10% intensity MAX maybe 5% then another 4-6 weeks, decrease at signs of algae/pinholes OFC, but an algae bloom is expected during the cycling OFC, keeping an eye on the pH profile on increases and DC colour change. As the biomass increases so does the CO2 demand. Dont rush in trying to get them pearling its so...... tempting ;) Plus your Buce and Crypts are in quite strong light spots ATM too, crypts will be first to pinhole if light gets too high them melt IME

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