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    Hello :)

    Bouncing back from double disaster, I have cleaned out my 60x40x40cm, separated all powersand/aquasoil/bright sand/xingu sand and re-set it up minus the sand. I've just planted up up with some Crypts and Dwarf Sag from the jungle downstairs, but I'm going to need some more bits and pieces before long. I'm going for a low maintenance jungle with this tank now, as I'm fed up of spending hundreds on high tech and not being able to control the algae. I'm beginning to think my successful tanks were just plain luck, or maybe just that I was using purely ADA rather than a compilation of freebies.

    I'm filtering this with a Rena XPCrap, I mean XP4, so I have plenty of flow. At least the thing no longer leaks/blows bubbles/makes nasty noises!

    Lights are linear T5s, but can either be 24w, 48w or 72w. I'm leaning towards 24 or 48, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts would be good.

    And then, considering I am using Aquasoil and Powersand in a lowish tech tank with primarily Crypts, how should I fertilise? I have access to TPN and TPN+ but have never had success with either. I might get some EasyCarbo, or I might not. But I don't really want CO2 as my FE has nearly run out.

    So far I've done 6x 40-50% water changes and still can't see the back glass, but I'm working on it!

    So yeah any thoughts so far would be fantastic...
  2. ceg4048

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    11 Jul 2007
    Chicago, USA
    Hey Tom, adding easycarbo is essentially the same as adding CO2 so why not just delete it's addition and keep the lighting low? That way you also delete water changes as well and simply dose TPN+ per bottle instructions once a week - or once every two weeks. :idea:


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