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Ricardo Carvalho

New Member
8 May 2019
Hi. This is my first post here, but i've been a long time lurker.
I'm presenting you my 60x30x35 tank that is about 7 weeks old.

Here's the full setup:

Tank: 60x30x35
Filter: Eheim Liberty 200
Heater: Eheim Jager 75W
Lightning: Two cheap led floodlights from aliexpress, 10W each
Substrate: Dirt and construction river sand
Hardscape: Talawa wood, river rocks and pebbles
Flora: Spiky moss, anubias nana petit, nana paxing and barteri var. glabra (not sure abou this one), buephalandra wavy green, theia and lamandau mini red, cryptocoryne green and brown, ludwigia repens (not sure), java fern petite, dwarf sagittaria
Fauna: paracheirodon simulans, iriatherina werneri, corydoras metae neocaridina var. orange, amano shrimp, planorbis, physa and a red nerite
Fertilization: I use this recipe (https://www.aquariumplantfood.co.uk/fertilisers/dry-chemicals/starter-kits/ei-starter-kit.html) i don't use Co2 so i dose about half of the recomended dosing.
50% weekly water changes, sometimes i do a smaller aditional one

Planing the hardscape:

Hardscape done, starting the planting. Ended up removing the glued java moss on the taller branches and replcing it with spiky, tied with fine transparent fishing line:

Planting done and fish added. The filter came from the tank where the fish were before, i had no problems. The picture was taken on March 19:

And here it is today, sorry for the bad pic:

Side view, sorry for the dirty glass, but i usually don't clean the back glass:

Most of the rocks came from other tank, that's why some have green algae. During the first two weeks some bba started to appear on some of the plants, but fortunately it didn't spread. Now there's just a bit of green hair or string algae growing on the moss closer to the light, but it's realy not a problem, there's not much and i easily remove it during eater changes.







Ricardo Carvalho

New Member
8 May 2019

Rescaped this last week. It wasn't looking the best. I had a string/hair algae problem that infested the moss and the anubias. The anubias were also struggling with many leaves turning yellow.
So i decided to rescape it. Inspired by these tanks:

Here is the result:


I reduced the light to just one 10W floodlight. In addition to the already existing plants i added vallisneria nana, sagittaria subulata and helanthium quadricostatus.
I plan to replace the brown crypts with something else. Maybe let the vallisneria spread or add some hygrophila corymbosa. Also want to remove some of the anubias, as i want the rocks to show as much as possible, just have to make room for them in my other tanks.
This will be a cold/temperate water tank. I was considering adding white cloud minnows or sawbwa resplendens but decided to go for the minnows. I want to add some gobys or hillstream loaches once i rehome the bettas.
Happy to see the helanthium spreading after just one week of being planted. Just hope it doesn't grow too big and hide the rocks. If it does i can use it in the back.

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