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70l tank advice please


2 Apr 2008
with me shutting down my marine tank, i am looking to start up a new planted tank for my bedroom. I am thinking of getting a clearseal 70l tank as they are cheap and affordable and i already have a stand so thats less cost. What filter would be reccommended? as i havent no room for an external, an internal is the only filter i can have.

From my marine setup i have an arcadia 4x24watt t5 HO luminaire, what tubes could i put into this to have a nice tank?

For co2, as i cant afford pressurised, i will be having DIY. On my juwel rio 125, i have one DIY setup and its fine. Will this be ample?

As i prefer the jungle look to my tank, with amazon sword plants and the like, what decor would you say would be best?

Now it comes to stocking, i wouldnt mind a shoal of galaxy rasboras, some cories and a pair of rams...

For my substrate, im having good results with the tetra plant, is there anything better than this that comes at an affordable price? i might be having argos playsand on top of this aswell

lastly, what plants would be good for this type of setup?

Does this sound alright?




19 Feb 2008
worksop, nottinghamshire
aim for a turnover of around 10x, although this may be hard with an internal? i dont know, the only internal i have ever had was a fluval 2+ which worked fine for me, they have now brought out a new filter called the U series.

Get some tubes that show the colours of fish and plants naturally, here are some cheap tubes: http://www.lampspecs.co.uk/Light-Bulbs- ... cent-Tubes

i would go with 2, then you can change the mixture mid week, then in the other bottle, change it at the weekend so you have a constant supply of CO2.

Jungle layouts go best with wood IMO.

Tetraplant is fine, it is dead chaep from here: http://www.warehouse-aquatics.co.uk/tet ... 1055-p.asp

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