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A couple of questions re: EI daily dosing (thread @ top of p


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23 May 2009
Thanks very much to both of you, that has broken it down to the point where I now know what to do. I think I was reading to many things and over complicating it.

Cheers again for all your help, I'm sure these won't be my last questions lol.



27 Dec 2008
I know exactly what you mean the lingo took me a while to get my head around at first which is why I tried to break it down for you a bit, didn't mean it to be patronising hope you didn't find it so. It doesn't help when people use differing descriptions when talking about the same thing on different posts/threads either but once mastered you to will have the ability to confuse the living crap out of any newbie!!!LOL.

Has no-one told you about the secret handshake yet? :D :D :D


19 Feb 2008
worksop, nottinghamshire
chris1004 said:
Aaron, EI recomendations are that a maximum uptake of around 10ppm should be supplied (ref Clives tutorial). I would question wether you have that level in your tapwater and also why Clive would recomend the addtition of mgso4 if its not required. Still you've been at this planted tank thingy a lot longer than I have so who am I to question your methods. Ultimatly your the man on the spot so to speak and if your plants were showing deficientsies (how do you spell that damn word :? ) then you would see this surely. So I can only assume that in your case you have it covered, do you allow for the nitrates and phosphates in you tapwater aswell?


Clive adds MgSO4 to be on the safe side - i used to dose TPN+ (3ml daily) which would add 0.39ppm Mg. Moving onto EI and skipping this small amount IMO will make the tiniest of differences, although it is probably in the trace anyway.
If i do see defficiencies then i will add the nutrient required :) Or sometimes, i do little experiments of my own. This may be one to add to the list ;)
I dont allow the PO4 or NO3. Off a water report, the average NO3 levels were around 33ppm. I still dose 10ppm x3 per week anyway, after all it doesnt hurt, and it supplies the majority off the Potassium.
I am unsure on the PO4 levels, so i still dose the reccomendations.
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