A past historical approach to EI, the daily dose method


2 Aug 2007
This may help some of you get a bit closer and tweak things a bit further:

http://www.barrreport.com/estimative-in ... osing.html

As most methods today seem derived from PMDD, the addition to this method of PO4 as descrived on the APD about 10 years ago added a lot of success to the hobby.

EI was developed later as a lesser approximation of PMDD+PO4.
It works well. However, some may enjoy further tweaking as they gain more experience.

A little knowledge is dangerous, so do not believe everything you think.........I do not.

Many things that we think often seem correlated, but do not show cause..........athough there is an extreme temptation to do so in many cases............

Be skeptical, simple things such as differences in plant biomass, the changes week to week in plant biomass can and do change the nutrients and the CO2 as well as circulation a great deal.

That's just one example.

Maintaining stable conditions for an experiment is tough for me.
It takes a lot of work.

Some romantic notion that testing a hypothesis, or just monitoring with a coupole of test kits will answer some underlying great truth or is some simple job is far far from the truth. Hobbyists can do it, however it does take work and time.

However, such a method will certainly not harm anything.

Common sense goes a long way here.
Do not lose sight of that.

Tom Barr