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A skint mans tank


Happy with this one :D
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Nice layout, my favourite so far :) are you going high tech or low ?

For the light id go 9w, I have 11w on my high tech 30l and its a bit to strong I have no doubt at all 9w would be better suited to mine

much better scape mate and well done for the cheap prices cannot go wrong :D

There be plants in this here tank :eek: but im not happy with how it looks iv used supper glue for the moss witch is a first for me I just hope it will spread and not look so clumped got a lovely nano anubas and some needle java witch sould look good when bigger and bushed out all I want now is some cryps filter is on its way need a heater and a clip on light and thats it done until I can put shrimp in :D

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